Gate Repair Redmond

Gates Install & Repair

Gates Install & Repair

If you have an issue with your gates or fences, you can call us anytime and we will come right out and help you.

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Custom Made Gates

Custom Made Gates

Call us today and find out why we are the number one driveway gates company in Redmond.

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Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates

We’re always ready to take your emergency calls 24/7. We take great pride in always being available to our customers.

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Welcome to our company Gate Repair Redmond

The experts of our business are trained professionals and provide a full range of residential services. We repair hinges, openers, sliding gate parts and clickers, offer routine maintenance, make the required adjustments and install new gates

Address: NE Novelty Hill Rd
Redmond, Washington
Zip Code: 98053
Phone: +1-253-733-3614


Hours of Operation:

We accept Cash, credit card, etc.
Swing Gate Post Repair, Reinforcement & Replacement

If you’re among the public planning for installing driveway gates and desire to hire Gate Company then you require to choice the best corporation. Our business is the most excellent in the town than other gate companies in Redmond for installing driveway gates. The interesting thing is that our driveway gate corporation also can provide several kinds of gates such as the electric gate for security as well as swing gate for driveways. At our driveway gate corporation in Redmond we also provide the sliding gate for driveways at your traditional homes plus commercial trades. So just give us a call at our company in Redmond and we will reach at your location as quickly as possible.

Gate Repair company in Washington

Swing Gate Adjustment, Repair & Installation Services

With an expert team and full dedication by all members of our personnel, we make sure the gates of clients operate perfectly. Technicians eliminate problems with great gate maintenance service, take care of emergencies right away, and know how to troubleshoot gates in the most meticulous way by utilizing their superior knowledge and expertise for solving issues fast. They are efficient every time whether required for swing gate adjustment, detecting the cause of a certain problem, taking care of rotten parts or programming intercom systems, service is excellent. Moreover, are familiar with the latest gate intercoms and excel in intercom installation and repairs. Due to a wealth of experience with gate openers installation and service are fully guaranteed to meet all your expectations. Perfection is ensured along with safety for all customers by an exceptional gate service team.

Our driveway gate corporation in Redmond also will supply you all safety measures such as intercom & photo eye systems that you require for driveway gates for security. We are the best corporation that you require to turn into us when you need any installations. Our workers can install everything which has to perform with gates/ fences. It includes all things from block pillars to driveway gates opener. Also we supply every of these same items. Install & Supply is that we perform on a day basis. We also only carry the top in products since we sense like our clients deserve the top products.

Our gate company/contractor in Redmond will also do any maintenance that you need on your fences or gates. We know that maintenance is the key to keeping little issues from turning into big ones. This is why we offer our maintenance services at a low fee. One of our fence/gate contractors can come out and go over every bit of your fence or gate and make sure there are no issues that need taken care of.  Call us today and let our gate company/contractor in Redmond take care of your fences and gates.

Our driveway gate company in Redmond is licensed, bonded and insured. You should never have to deal with a company that is not licensed and bonded. When a company is bonded and licensed it will tell you that you are dealing with a company that is reputable and honest.

Our gate business in Redmond also does all types of repairing services. Our worker can repair all things from your springs to your driveways gate opener. Also we perform some good iron job. The things that our company manufactures from iron are given below-

*    Railings plus guards

*    Security doors

*   Cages

*    Window guards

*    Pool enclosures

*    Dog runs

*    Railings

*    Fences

*    Retaining walls

*    Pipe corrals

Hence the professional service gate services that you get from our driveway gate company in Redmond are the best services within the city. You can rely on the availability of our gate company contractor for either quality work in installing new driveway gates or for continuous gate maintenance. The maintenance activities that are provided to our driveway gate company customers are uninterrupted. This is made possible with our 24/7 emergency repair service. Thus though the whole Redmond city is sleeping our driveway gate service providers would keep their ears active for listening from you.

Gate Opener Installation

The choice of electric operator for a gate depends on the system's type, size and weight. Once an appropriate unit is selected, it is installed and connected to the system. The gate opener installation process begins with the setup of the motor unit. Sliding gate openers are set right next to the moving panel. The devices for swing systems can be set right next to the post either above the ground or under it, depending on their design. There are also motor units that are mounted directly on the post. For overhead systems, this unit is mounted on the ceiling. The hardware opener components are installed next. In case of sliding systems, these include a chain and a drive box with sprockets. For swing systems, a swinging arm is required. Overhead systems require the use of a rail, trolley and moving arm. When the hardware is in place, the opener can begin working.

We offer affordable gate repairs and installation services. In addition to our services being affordable, they are also effective. As the preferred gate service, we have to make sure that everything we do is correct. You won’t have to contact us again for the same problem once we’ve had our gate experts make the needed repairs. We stand by our work because we know just how meticulous our team of technicians is. We take your gate emergencies seriously, and this is why we do not hesitate to respond to your requests for service. When you need a new gate installed, you can trust that we are able to properly install it for you based on the experience and training of our technicians.


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